Маска для лица

11-11-11-MOVIE.RU - firm cover For today exists nine types book Cover . first four types concern brochures and To books In a soft cover, and the others to editions in firm Cover . the greatest distribution to the world type 7, owing to its high adaptability to manufacture of manufacturing and to good consumer qualities has received Book cover. it is a difficult product for which manufacture a considerable quantity of technological operations is required. here their short list broken into four groups.  Manufacturing of book block : Press ,a folding, fly-leaves to writing-books (if necessary), a selection of writing-books, sewing Of blocks By threads. processing book Block : pressing Of blocks , tripartite Block Scrap, a back, a material. Manufacturing binding Covers: open a cardboard and Binding A material, drawing of glue On integumentary A material, assemblage of covers, edgings of covers, (pressing) of covers, a stamping, a cover back. Manufacturing of book Includes: insert Block In a cover, pressing Of book , shading, other (a jacket, packing). Of book Is better On rolled To the car then On exit 10-30 thousand writing-books at an o`clock turn out. but at the best Press  it is made On sheet Offset cars of the big or average format. in this case, printing prints need the subsequent folding. faltsevalnye devices share On cassette (the sheet develops at the expense of restriction in longitudinal movements of sheet, formation of a fold and further sheet between platens) and the knife (the sheet puts at the expense of its pushing through between rotating a roller vertically moving knife). advantages cassette high speed Works . advantages of the knife sections the big accuracy Works Materials. therefore optimum will be which contains a little cassette and one-two finishing knife sections. with offset car of format 1 (1020720 the mm) is necessary for printing houses four-modularfor prints enough three modules. Book block . there are some ways of such fastening sewing by threads, glue, a wire. but that Of book Is better Профессиональная установка унитазов в Омске сантехник на дом. | Сделаем кровельные работы Кемерово и д.р. работы по строительству. | Строительство, заказать перепланировка зданий в Омске и пригороде. | Русский электрик в Новосибирске и пригороде. Услуги электрика. | Выполним сварка конструкции из металла в Новокузнецке и пригороде. Металлоконструкции на заказ. | Профессиональный срочно слесарь сантехник в Новокузнецке, заказать сантехуслуги. 4 rbts.txt 11-11-11-movie.ru Books , with a view of giving of the best appearance by it and the best Book block Should have a semicircular profile. in specialised cars it is carried out mobile with a range of a course of 90 degrees. On Cars. rather inexpensive manual and semi-automatic cars make firms Purlux (SX-01), Kievpoligrafmash (-6) and Zechini ( Smyth Freccia ). only Smyth Freccia Works with any types of writing-books (with a loop or without) and makes sewing On gauze And automatic writing-books. and the latest model is more expensive than the others at the price, but reliability and stability Works Differs the highest. after and Book block It is cut in three- or the one-knife cutting car and some time in a book press is maintained.